Silicon Valley Webinars & Workshop

Silicon Valley Webinar


Multiple Webinars possible with speakers specialized in Silicon Valley ecosystem and based in the United States.

Length: approx. 1,5 hour


- Silicon Valley Spirit / Entrepreneur Mindset 

- Retail in the USA

- Start Ups & Venture Capital

- Tweet before and after the Covid-19: What has changed? 

- The Impact of A.I everyday

You can choose the topic you want to learn or discuss about. For more information, please contact us so we can give you further details.

Price : Depending on the number of attendees

Silicon Valley Workshop


Online Workshops with Silicon Valley mentors and lecturers from the SF Bay Area

Length: approx. 3hrs


- A.I.

- Data

- Design Thinking

- Fund Raising

- Block Chain

- Innovation

- Elevator Pitch / Networking on LinkedIn

- Digital Transformation

You can make a selection of speakers/lecturers within our leaflet! We can give you piece of advice depending on what you are looking for.

Price: Depending on the number of attendees